Wendy Reddy

The year 2020 marks Wendy’s twentieth year in the Real Estate Industry. Her vision for providing her clients with first-class real estate service remains her top priority just as it did when she began her career in January of 2000!

With former careers as a teacher and sales executive for Proctor & Gamble, Wendy saw the need for a strong team of skilled staff and hard-working sales agents to build a company that continually sets standards above “good.” Wendy and her team have grown Reddy Real Estate into an agency that is recognized for integrity and a proven track record of helping clients achieve their real estate goals.

Reddy Real Estate’s success might best be measured by the fact that over sixty percent of its business is based on repeat and referred clients. This loyalty is engendered by a host of factors, chief among them is experience and a steadfast commitment by the entire team provides exceptional customer service before and after a real estate transaction is completed.

Any person who has most recently been involved in a real estate transaction is keenly aware that the process has a multitude of moving parts and oftentimes presents unforeseen challenges. When the challenges arise, you will be glad you have chosen a company with a problem-solving Broker and a highly qualified team to help you through the process.